Lumintop decided to break away from the release of the next version of some forum model in the FW line. Turned out to be quite affordablewith promo code) quite a compact long-range flashlight with simple controls on a capacious 21700 battery and with fast built-in charging. There are cons, but, as for me, they are completely lost behind the abundance of pluses. I propose to look at the review of this long-range compact lamp Lumintop.


Light-emitting diode: OSRAM GW.PUSRA1 PM LED
Brightness: ~ 1000 lm
Light intensity: ~ 56500 cd
Maximum ANSI range — 475 m
Optics: aluminium, smooth
Glass with anti-reflective coating
Modes: four modes plus strobe and SOS
Nutrition: One 21700/18650 or 18350 Li-ion battery through a short tube (not included)
Frame: Type III hard anodized aluminum
Switch: electronic side switch
Dust and moisture protection: IPX8
Weight: about 85g without battery
Size: 37*115.5*25.4mm

Packaging and appearance

Lumintops have made another change in packaging. That’s what happened (by the way, a funny thing is the smallest long-range flashlight in the world, here review)

And that’s what became

The kit has everything you need: the flashlight itself with a 18650 battery is ridiculous by today’s standards with a capacity of 2600mah, an adapter from it to 21700, a charging cable, a lanyard, o-rings. Unfortunately, Lumintop did not have a case.

11.5 cm in length is not the top of compactness for an EDC flashlight, but an intriguingly small length for a long-range flashlight, from which you expect something of the order of 15 cm, especially if you remember what it is 21700 flashlight. And if we talk about compact long-range trucks, then even the Lumintop GT Mini on 18650 got a couple of centimeters longer.

By the way, yes, if you buy an adapter for 18350, then the flashlight will be generally extremely compact.

Nevertheless, despite its compactness, the Lumintop D2 has a quite comfortable grip.

The Lumintop D2 looks simple enough, but I wouldn’t call it another faceless «flashlight-flashlight» either. Here’s what it reminds me of. Obviously, the manufacturers decided to get by with a ready-made blank and tailored the D2 according to the patterns of the excellent Lumintop B1 bicycle lamp.

Well, can you find the differences from the photo above? In addition to the appeared knurling and the logo on the bezel, there are none.

In short, the design is simple, but quite pleasant.

The flashlight is disassembled into 3 parts, the lathe is neat.

There are springs both from the side of the head and from the side of the tail (very long due to the fact that she needs to reliably spread 18650)

For its range, the head of the flashlight is very, very compact. The cooling fins are deep enough.

The button is medium in size, easy to find, convex and generally pleasant in appearance (the Olight bezel around it obviously went for the future) and to the touch. There is a non-switchable dim backlight. During charging, the button lights up much brighter.

Actually, charging here goes via Type-C and it is very fast, especially when you need to charge 18650. 2A this is really good!

There is nothing new in the optics: the glass is coated, behind the glass there is a shallow smooth reflector with an OSRAM GW.PUSRA1 PM LED at the bottom. In the Osram line there are also more long-range LEDs (example). In a lot of situations, manufacturers cling to any opportunity to increase the numbers in the specification in order to lure a user who is not aware of how, for example, the range and convenience of working near depend on. I talk about the last and other nuances of choosing flashlights here. So I can only applaud Lumintop’s decision to stick to some reasonable middle ground.

In general, the design is from the category of «okay, it will do.» The size is small, but not to the detriment of the grip. Pleased with the button and charging speed.


Here Lumintop remembered their roots (and up to 17 years old, except for the key switches, the company made extremely boring and primitive flashlights) and managed with the classic simplest control a la Fenix, except that a blockage appeared.

I do not like it, but just right for the broad masses of ordinary users. I think that a strobe for 2 seconds off is not as practical as a firefly. The latter could be set as the default mode after exiting the lock.

In general, of course, management is a very subjective thing.

How Lumintop D2 shines

The flashlight has fully stabilized brightness in all modes and excellent turbo time. It is worth clarifying that I tested real 4300mah with the usual green Liitokala at the declared 4800. Some good capacious Samsung would have shown itself even better.

12 minutes in a turbo is just very fat and covers all the usual needs.

From memory, the flashlight resembles some old and much larger C8 XML-2 in terms of light distribution (and range too). The light is focused in the center, but there is also some slight side flare. Forum gourmets D2 can be repelled by cold light with a green tint and a purple eagle. By the way, there is also a version with Nichia 212C 4000k — I think it was precisely because of its presence that Lumintop did not make a version with Osram in neutral … too similar would be to the detriment of sales. okay, let it be. This halo, however, is visible only in a small number of cases, resembling the notorious Schrodinger’s gopher. Yes, for greenery. She is clearly visible. But it’s one thing when it’s so green Fenix ​​PD35 v3 for almost a hundred bucks (for 18650, without built-in charging), it’s another matter when a flashlight turns green at 21700 for 30 bucks and with built-in charging. Greenery does not start to please me from this, but for me it is outweighed by the rest of the pluses of the flashlight.

The flashlight is fine with range. As I said above, it’s good that the manufacturer did not make some kind of awl. You get an undeniably impressive for your size range, but the distance at which it becomes convenient to work with a flashlight (and this is 7-10 meters) remains tempting enough to keep it as a walking EDC model.

My impression is that you most likely won’t need to get into the turbo. High turns out to be long-range enough to cover 200m, and this far covers all everyday needs. Turbo will allow the beam to reach over 300 meters. In general, I got the impression that here the declared range figures are quite consistent with reality.

Still, it’s worth clarifying, seeing these photos … live, the world does not have such a blockage in greenery, as you can get an impression looking at the photo.

And here are examples of work at a distance. Subjectively, all this greenery goes well.

And here is the video review

General impressions

Unexpectedly for myself, I stayed in definitely pleasant impressions of this novelty.

It would be expected that the combination of cold (and even with greenery) long-range light and simple control, which is usually very much unloved by me, will again force me to write evasively that “a flashlight for an ordinary undemanding user”. That is, since I usually finish reviews of new products from Fenix, 9 out of 10 models of which just have such a combo that repels me …

And yet D2 definitely bribed me. Yes, it has a cold light that is impractical for long-range combat (here here I clearly tell why) and management, in which I do not like that it is sharpened for the average user. And the last subjective thing I admit.

But! Having fast 2A charging on the back of the scale, support for 21700 with a small body size and a very pleasant range relative to this size, full brightness stabilization, excellent turbo time and, most importantly, suddenly small price (with promo code D2 here somehow ended up sideways in the Sofirn category), Lumintop D2 somehow unexpectedly sunk into my heart. For $50, it would not be so sunk, believe me, not to mention 70, which would have sucked for him a nightcore phoenix and the like. But for 30 bucks, it’s actually a nice thing. With neutral light (datasheet says that it is), it would be a very interesting model in general, for those who are looking for such a compact near-long-range light.

In short, I am definitely ready to recommend D2, because I am sure that with such a combination of a frankly unexpectedly low price for a branded flashlight and a good set of exceptionally positive functional characteristics, the flashlight has every chance of becoming a bestseller among Lumintop models. It will become a pleasant addition to the collection of a sophisticated user and a convenient assistant to an ordinary user. Due to its good appearance and packaging, it is quite suitable as a gift that will not punch a hole in the wallet, will look decent and shine far.

This combination of size and range will certainly impress your friends. Few people would expect such a relatively compact flashlight (again, compact for a long-range shooter — especially a 21700 long-range one, by EDC standards it has quite ordinary dimensions) will shine so far. And it will not be light, which is of little use due to its short duration, like that of the same GT Nano — there is an amazing turbo here. By the way, it is also worth reading about the latter, it is an interesting fitulina.

One more time. Of course, modern long-range lights will shine further, due to greater optics or brightness. I appreciate the range of the D2 precisely in relation to its modest brightness and size.

In short, the thing is cool and I was glad to review the Lumintop D2 and I hope that you liked the flashlights as much as I did.

At the current “Gift Week” sale on Aliexpress, it will be possible to buy it at a discount, fortunately, see the list of promotional codes. If it’s available, of course… If you still have an interest in buying a flashlight with the minimum price with the maximum range, take a look at this

Where to buy and how to save

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