And also a wireless (!) remote button, powered by two capacious 21700 batteries and an unusual LED. What happened from the update of the old and controversial top-end long-range flashlight from one of the largest manufacturers in the flashlight market?


  • Maximum brightness 1500lum
  • Max range 1500m (570000cd)
  • Light-emitting diode Luminengin G9 LED
  • Nutrition: 2×21700, 4×CR123
  • Dimensions: length 256mm head diameter 65mm
  • Weight: 246g

Packaging and appearance

Nitecore MH40S is the flagship model in the line. So the packaging here is at the same high level as the price. Donate will not be ashamed.

Inside, in foam rubber, a generous set of everything you need: the flashlight itself with a pair of 21700 5000mah batteries, a case, a lanyard, a charging unit and a Type-C cable to it, an external button with mounts, a manual

The cover is excellent

And here is the most wireless button. There are no batteries, it seems that, as with wireless doorbells (I already reviewed one, the button is powered by a piezoelectric element. You can fasten it with Velcro ties, a Velcro sticker, a pair of mounts for the Piccatinny rail.

And here is the flashlight itself. The design is pleasant, it is clear that this is a branded item. But the Nitecore MH40S has some of its own distinctive features. Just a workhorse.

But the previous version, the Nitecore MH40GTR (he is on top), had his own face, it was difficult to confuse the flashlight with some other. By the way, with the same body length, his head diameter was 4mm larger.

With such dimensions and light distribution, this will be a flashlight for very specific needs in underbarrel light. For the vast majority of people, much more compact and less long-range flashlights are enough.

However, the main thing is to have plenty to choose from, and there everyone will decide what suits him.

Nitecore MH40S is controlled by the same bunch of buttons on the tail and head.

The stroke of the tail button is soft and deep. The spring is double.

A spring-loaded contact pad is installed on the side of the head.

The lathe is flawless. Fine thread

The flashlight is powered by two conventional 21700 batteries, and not some native and expensive ones, which is good. If you wish, you can get by with a couple of anything, even a lithocal with magnetic spacers. If you need to keep the return, then spacers should stick more.

The knurling is tenacious, the weight distribution is good, the grip is comfortable.

The head itself is relatively large, but for flashlights of this size it is quite common.

Cooling fins are marked only symbolically. With such brightness and size, I’m sure you can do without them due to only the total amount of metal in the case.

I have also seen much larger heads, up to this monsters

Button with indicator light, convenient, easy to find blindly.

There is an indicator light. And this is not the only indicator, the flashlight also vibrates when discharged. This is much more convenient than blinking an LED.

On the opposite side of the button is a good thick and reliable Type-C plug for the charging connector.

And this is wonderful, in the previous model there was a pin charging that was far from universal.

Charging is fast, 2 hours for a pair of 21700 is a wonderful indicator.

The bezel teeth are shallow and wide.

The reflector is deep and smooth.

In the previous model, there was a good, but still far from the most long-range XPL-HI LED. Now the standards of exceptional penetrating power are set by Osram LEDs, but Nitecore are big fans of experiments, and here they chose the Luminengin G9, which was previously unknown to me. Well, well … let’s see what it will result in


The control of the MH40GTR just made using the flashlight uncomfortable to say the least. Experimented…

Here it is as simple as possible, with all the pluses and minuses that entails.

  • OFF-ON tailbutton
  • switching brightness levels — pressing the side button
  • turbo No. access to it only through the mode memory
  • strobe holding the side button

How the Nitecore MH40S shines

The flashlight has fully stabilized brightness, which is good.

Without cooling, the brightness drops, and with such a case size, this means that the thermal cutoff threshold is set with too much margin, it could have been done higher. Then a flashlight with such an abundance of metal in the case and powerful power would not fall from 100% into the turbo at all. It is clear that in most cases there will be some kind of breeze and it is worth counting on the cooling schedule. And here you will have an hour and a quarter of exceptional range.

High is stabilized as it should, there are no questions.

And here is the light itself. In terms of range, Luninengin showed its best side, this is the most real modern penetrating “awl”.

But what is it? The light at low brightness is very green. Just Very, I don’t remember even SFT40 giving such a bias to the greens. When working with a flashlight somewhere among the foliage, you most likely will not see this. But the fact of such a color skew cannot please.

It’s definitely odd that Nitecore didn’t choose some proven Osram LED.

Otherwise, I repeat, the range is excellent. 570kd is Very a serious indicator (it is candela, not lumens, that allows you to evaluate the range)

Because of the stray illumination, it is not very visible, but even at minimum brightness, the flashlight breaks through a couple of hundred meters a little. In complete darkness, it would be perfectly visible.

650m is already a distance where there is some use only from Turbo

Nitecore promise that the MH40S will reach up to 1.5km. Big, big number. The new building almost fits this distance and it looks like a flashlight even illuminates something there.

General impressions

Nitecore MH40S is definitely Very a big step forward from the MH40GTR. Range flashlight grew half, it more than meets the crazy modern standards.

They also correspond dramatically increased battery capacity, and hence the running time. And themselves batteries are commonnot expensive relatives.

Charger became widespread and actually fast. The control no longer makes you want to take a flashlight and smash the head of the one who came up with such an experiment with head torsion. Of course, it does not shine with flexibility and you will not get instant access to the turbo, but the average user will be fine. And in general, the turbo always lies a maximum of 3 clicks from any mode.

The flashlight has wireless button, the wires will not interfere. When discharging, the flashlight will signal by vibration.

In short, a lot of good things can be said about this flashlight. In the MH40S, the manufacturer almost does not experiment, it is a long-range flashlight with classic controls and modern fast charging. But it is precisely this «almost» that is the only serious minus — the light Luminengin G9 covered in green shade as much as possible. When using a flashlight among the foliage, such a bias will not be clearly visible. But in other conditions, you will see this shade immediately. Yes, it does not affect the range, but it certainly does not please my eye.

And here you yourself must determine how heavy this green load will be on the scales «For» and «Against». I hope that my review will help you with this decision.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy Nitecore MH40S at

Aliexpress | Yandex Market | Joom

You can also save on the purchase of this and other goods with coupons and promotional codes from my discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block


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