Imalent loves to cram the maximum into the minimum. So the R30C combines everything possible: brightness, range, and compactness. But did something good come out of this maximalist idea of ​​giving the user everything at once? Let’s take a closer look.

Declared characteristics

3*Luminus SST70 LEDs
1*21700 4000mah battery with built-in USB Type-C charging.
Maximum brightness — 9000lumens
Range — 560m
Light intensity 78960cd
Size: 42mm (head diameter) * 29mm (body diameter) * 115mm (length)
Net weight 216g (with battery)
The high efficiency constant power circuit will keep the brightness constant. (bullshit)
The built-in thermal control module automatically adjusts the brightness according to the working state and outside temperature according to the working state and outside temperature.
Smooth reflector
IPX-8 waterproof rating (submersible up to 2 meters).
Impact resistance 1.5 m.
Possibility of a tail strut.

Operating modes:

Turbo: 9000~2300 Lum;Working time 45s+70min
High: 5000~2300 Lum;Working time: 1m+72min
Middle II: 2300 Lum;Working time: 1h15min
Middle I: 1,300 Lum;Working time: 1h40min
Middle low: 700lum;Working time: 3h40min
Low: 150lum;Working time: 20h

Packaging and appearance

The packaging here is excellent, that is, that is — as a gift it will look expensive and impressive. The actual box with the flashlight is inside a black dust jacket with a picture of… a flashlight.

Inside is a neat set of the R30C itself, a 21700 4000mah battery with built-in type-c charging (I got it without a battery, I used batteries from the Imalent R60C review for the test), a case, a charging cable, o-rings and a manual

The cover is sewn well, but I met complaints about its length, they say it was worth making it a little longer.

As for the length itself, 115mm of length is extremely small for a combination of such colossal brightness and a 21700 battery.

The design of the Imalent R30C seems to be different from its brighter and melee counterpart MS03, but I constantly confused them due to the general similarity in dimensions. In general, I think both designs are rather faceless.

Not a basement design, of course, just for me personally, at Imalent, they all look the same.

The flashlight is securely standing «candle». Indoors, you can arrange a good illumination with light reflected from the ceiling.

The spring in the tailcap is very thick. And if in MS03 it protruded forward enough to allow you to use ordinary flat-head batteries with a single magnetic spacer, then here it is too flat. Due to this thickness, it was problematic to pull it out. All the time it seemed that a little more and she would just fly out of the tailcap. In the end, I left it as is. Mb is a feature of only my copy …

And since instead of a spring there is a small peg in the head, both MS03 and R30C lose contact at the slightest blow to the bottom of the flashlight. At the same time, it’s funny to see all these attempts to portray tact by placing some soldiers on a promotional photo.

The knurling is quite tenacious and comfortable.

The question is different — the flashlight body is too short for such a colossal brightness and with a full, most reliable grip, you will inevitably climb on your head.

Even the reverse grip will not be very reliable, because there is enough space for only 3 fingers.

So just like that. With such an unreliable grip, a lanyard would be great. But, you already guessed that there is simply no fastening for it?

The second issue is the button. Probably the marketing department of Imalent decided that at least a somewhat useful indicator under the button as in MS03 is too good, and here they need two, but on the sides. Do I see any benefit from this? No.

However, Imalent showed remarkable camouflage skills — you can find the button only by accident by hitting your finger exactly at the right point.

The head is quite massive, without the useless cooling fins here.

Responsible for light are 3 Luminus SST70 LEDs at the bottom of three shallow textured reflectors.


On-off on click
Rewind modes on hold
2 clicks start turbo
3 clicks — a bookmark on LOW, which was just really lacking in the other two reviews. But there was a worthless strobe
4 clicks — (one) block
Mode memory available
Holding the button from OFF for 2 seconds turns on / off the indicator light under the button.

In general, quite suitable management.

How Imalent R30C shines

Let’s refresh our memory. What do they promise us here in terms of the duration of work?

If we do not take into account the upper three modes, where the thermal cut-off directly affects the duration of operation, then the lower three are, at the very least, stabilized. Although here, too, the eye is more likely to be deceived by the scale of the graph and 700 lumens for 3 hours of its life slides exactly to half of this brightness.

Don’t be fooled by the rest. Instead of 45 and 60 seconds for highturbo you get 27 and 40 seconds.

High2 2300 lum is quite consistent with the promised time. Oh, yes, a small nuance — half of the declared brightness, which it can only hold for 4 and a half minutes before the thermal cutoff is activated.

The 1300 lumen mode shines for almost 2 hours with a small drawdown, which is a sin to complain about against the background of everything else. But 700 lumens instead of 3 hours 40 minutes shines a little less — just for an hour, i.e. for a quarter. Well, who will pay attention to such trifles, not the manufacturer?

But in the world everything is fine here. If you do not take into account the fact that in lower modes the light considerably turns green Imalent, to their credit, gives a number of models the opportunity to choose a less bright, but warmer light. Alas, for the SST70 there is no such option due to the specifics of the LED. But, judging by what I read, it was possible to turn in a less green LED.

The main plus of the SST70 is its excellent range with good brightness. And then the flashlight reveals itself to the fullest. It will not shine like some kind of full-fledged long-range or search flashlight. But for such a combination of brightness, optics and LED size, you get a very good opportunity to shine both in breadth and far. To be fair, we are talking about short senior modes.

For a snack, here’s the difference between the two brothers, Imalent MS03 and Imalent R30C. Here is the photo in maximum resolution.

Well, it’s also worth watching a video review of the bright Imalent R30C flashlight

General impressions

Despite the fact that the button here is even less convenient than the one that didn’t seem comfortable to me in MS03, I liked Imalent R30C more due to better stabilization, better matching of operating time and light in general.

SST70.2 LEDs are a very nice thing, if you close your eyes to how green they are. However, I am quite ready to admit that this is rather a drawback of manufacturers who either save or spit on everything for the sake of an insignificant increase in brightness for promotional pictures, putting the most unattractive LEDs in terms of shade.

And so the SST70.2 gives an attractive combination of brightness and range. SST70.2, like XHP70.2, provides impressive brightness, good side illumination, but at the same time pleases with a fair increase in range.

As a result, almost the same thing happened as with MS03. Imalent R30C is compact, powered by a capacious 21700 battery and has quite convenient control. He has an amazing combination of brightness and range, albeit at the expense of a deterioration in the shade of light. The flashlight is better stabilized and the specification here is less lying about the operating time, as well as about full stabilization, by the way. But! The button freaked me out. She really is like a chameleon. No matter how much I tried to immediately turn on the flashlight in the dark, it did not work. I had to waste time to find an absolutely indistinguishable button.

The second point is that the flashlight really heats up at such brightness and the short compact body is far from being an advantage here. And for the same reason, a flashlight needs a lanyard so as not to drop the red-hot body from the hands.

In general, Imalent did what they have done more than once, with all the pros and cons, that is, a pure wow flashlight that is great for the role of a jaw-dropping gift. And when it comes to choosing one for yourself, then you need to seriously think about all + -. By the way, my guide to choosing a flashlight will help. There are a lot of the first, that there are a lot of the second, and with the abundance of the latter, the flashlight should be made somewhat less expensive. But even so, no doubt, I liked it more than the MS03. The latter is better only with a slightly more distinguishable button and the absence of unpleasant greenery.

I hope that the review was interesting to you at least in an informative way.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy Imalent R30C on Aliexpress YANDEX-MARKET SBERMEGAMARKET

You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block


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