Over the past few weeks, the lantern market has replenished with a number of models that I would like to briefly talk about. I hope that in the near future it will be possible to get them for a full review

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Nitecore TIKI GIDT

Behind the abbreviation GITD stands «glow in the dark“, that is, in fact, this is the same Nitecore TIKI review which I have already made, but with a phosphorescent body.

If you prefer an ordinary AAA key switch, then there is news about this one.

Fenix ​​E01 V2.0 (XP-G2 S3, 100 lm, AAA)

The second generation of compact AAA powered key switch. TIR-optics, Low 5lm Med 25lm high 100lm

All in all, nothing out of the ordinary. Much more brightness can be squeezed out of such power, which is successfully done by Lumintop (the leader, in my opinion, in the AAA segment of flashlights). already did a comparative review of Lumintop headlights here

So far, only a promotional video is available.

ThruNite T2

Unfortunately, in our country thrunites are known only for their wonderful long-range strikers. But the company makes other flashlights. For example, this new product with 21700 battery XHP70.2 LED. Declared 3700lum brightness (there are cold and neutral versions). The question is how long will this brightness last at such dimensions. An example of a Klarus G15 with a dive immediately after turning on the turbo casts doubt on the practicality of this combination of size and brightness. I don’t believe in 2 minutes.

Imalent MS06

Fans of absurdly bright Imalent have released the MS06, a can-size flashlight with a mind-blowing maximum brightness of 25,000 lumens. Of course, the numbers are indicated in the specification and I would treat them with great skepticism. This applies to both simple arithmetic, which does little to harmonize the overall current output and this brightness, and generally common sense, which is absent in the decision to cram so many lumens into a case of this size. In my opinion, the last factor does not play a role at all for the target audience, the main thing is maximum lumens.

And if you want to see how a lot of lumens look live, here’s my review of the Imalent MS12, a flashlight that puts out about 50,000 lumens.

Fortunately for the readers, in September you will be able to read and see the Imalent MS06 review. In the meantime, it remains to be content with laudatory specifications and / or under-reviews of enthusiastic bearded men.

If there is no desire to wait, then you can buy Imalent MS06 right now ataliexpress


Nitecore decided to upgrade the previous regular Nitecore HA23 (review) to the explosion-proof version.

The rest is the same lightweight polycarbonate case and powered by a pair of AA. There are no miracles of brightness and control, but I think that explosion-proof headlamps on the market are generally with a gulkin nose.

If reviews are too lazy or inconvenient to read, you are welcome to my UTUBE channel

And in the VK group, I also talk about the latest releases of lamp manufacturers and make small stuffing of announcement information before the release of video reviews.


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