Sometimes it takes a small thing to spoil a good undertaking. The powerful Lumintop D5 Rattlesnake flashlight is a great example of this. It would seem that there is everything: excellent battery capacity, comfortable grip, built-in charging. Well, and colossal brightness, of course. But…

The flashlight is made in a rare format on 2 parallel batteries (21700 in our case). This arrangement combines everything: large overall battery capacity, comfortable grip and relatively small for such food sizes. And the batteries in the Lumintop Rattlesnake are built-in and this is not encouraging.

UPD. There was information from the subscriber, the batteries can still be replaced. In the field, this will be inconvenient. But at least it’s possible.

But the same Nitecore did wonderful EC4 lineup. The best, in my opinion, of all their flashlights. And there, with the same layout, the batteries were replaceable. I did a review and I really liked the Nitecore EC4 GTS.

There is another, already modern version of a flashlight with this layout, this is a fresh and futuristic Wuben X1 Falcon, which I talked about here.

Here, look, mentioned Nitecore EC4GTS and Wuben X-1 Falcon

But the Lumintop Rattlesnake itself from all sides

The Lumintop Rattlesnake is only slightly larger than some medium-sized 26650-powered flashlight, like this budget bestseller. Sofirn SP33S. 133*48mm is quite a pocket size. But the weight of 404g will already pull the pocket.

Batteries should be charged quickly, Lumintop promise 4A and PD QC support and flashlight operation in power bank mode with 3A return! I think it is quite possible to charge the Lumintop Rattlesnake in just ~3 hours.

Why «RattleSnake» (i.e. rattlesnake)? On the side of the flashlight there is a rectangular plate with Lumintop. And, apparently, this is not just an overlay. It is attached only from the bottom side and when you press the top side it will tap on the case, you can achieve a knocking sound. A chip for aimless occupation of hands, interesting and such solutions have already been, for example, a rifle bolt on Acebeam Rider RX

But did the manufacturer wonder how long anodizing would last with such tapping? I hope that was asked and somehow solved this potential problem.

Another interesting feature is the landing nests for luminous tritium inserts on the tail of the flashlight.

Management is good and convenient. There is everything you need. Unless there is a smooth brightness control. The only thing is that many are accustomed to changing modes on hold, right there it will be on click.

16000 lumens. It is this breathtaking brightness that the manufacturer claims for this flashlight. This is definitely not a record, the same Acebeam X75will be much brighter. But still, for a purely pocket flashlight, this is an amazing indicator. Of course, you can not discount the ratio of brightness and size, the flashlight in the turbo will work for only 15 seconds. The question is just that this figure is probably taken for a cold start, and from an already warmed-up state, the turbo can roll down to something instantly diving down.

Interestingly. Typically, such brightness is achieved by scattering LEDs. Here he is alone, a purely Chinese SFP55. I had nothing to do with this and did not even imagine that one LED could be so bright. Before that, the brightest LED that fell into my hands was SBT90.2, the same one that is installed in a portable light gun Mateminco MT90 plus.

So where is the fly in the ointment that spoils for me the whole impression of this flashlight?

Yes, here it is, look at the brightness levels. 150 and then 1000 lumens. Anything brighter than 1000lum will not last long, the flashlight will warm up and the brightness will drop.

And 150 lumens is, why hide, the figure is not serious. So it turns out that the flashlight has either a purely past light, or a light that is excessively bright for a lot of situations, which is not enough for one evening. Batteries cannot be changed. Again. For real use, the flashlight has only 2 (two) brightness levels.

I think that it would be much more logical to make Low somewhere at the level of 35-50 lum, Mid Low at 150-200, and Mid at the level of about 500-600 lum. Such a spread in brightness would make the use of a flashlight much more convenient and would stretch the operating time at medium brightness to «from twilight to night.» And at night it could already be put on charge.

The flashlight has already lit up on Aliexpress where it costs about $115. It is a pity that Lumintop spoiled such a good flashlight with a frank trifle at the level of several lines of code in the driver firmware. Just fix the line of modes and the flashlight would be really interesting. After all, the manufacturer undoubtedly can, a compact long-range flashlight Lumintop D2 confirmation of this. In short, the rabbit could not make a snake.

However, they are not the first. The same Imalent has stepped on the same rake more than once. Proof once And two

flashlight page on aliexpress

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