I needed a headlamp. For fishing and field trips. And my choice fell on the wuben h3 model. I will explain my choice.

I needed a compact flashlight. Since this is a lantern for my wife, and she simply did not want to wear a large lantern (although my main lantern is Sofirn SP40) I needed a bright light, a universal shape, the ability to mount the lantern on my head, and on a backpack strap and on a tent. A wide beam was needed, without range (it is not needed). Naturally, protection from water was needed. And all this was declared by wuben h3. That’s why I ordered it. In addition, at the time of ordering, there was a discount, and the flashlight cost me only $ 18, which is not bad for such characteristics (in my opinion)

General characteristics of Wuben H3

  • Brand: Wuben
  • Model: H3
  • LED: 1x P8+2835 SMD LED
  • Maximum output power: 140LM
  • Shock resistance: withstands drops from a height of up to 1.5 meters
  • Waterproof level: IP65
  • Weight: 26g I 0.92oz (excluding battery)
  • Dimensions: 56mm x 25mm x 25mm / 2.20in 0.98inx0.98in(LxWxH)
  • Peculiarities:
  • 180 degree light emission angle, 360 degree rotation.
  • Lightweight fiberglass body and weight up to 50g (with batteries)
  • 7 lighting modes

The flashlight comes in such a rather cool package:

The kit consists of the flashlight itself, instructions, two spare orings, instructions and a head strap:

Instruction in English. And in this case, it is needed to understand the logic of flashlight control:

Spare orings will also come in handy. They are located on the cover of the holding battery, and since there is constant mechanical stress, they can be damaged over time.

The rubber strap on the head is made quite simply. No cross bars. The material is fabric, soft and moderately elastic. The blue color with the manufacturer’s logo looks quite good. The diameter of the strap can be adjusted using a plastic clip, so it can be easily adjusted to fit almost any head:

Now about the flashlight.

It is made of very high quality. Good plastic, good fitting parts. And most importantly, compact size:

On the front side there is a P8 LED and two 2835 SMD LEDs, blue and red:

On the inside there is a platform with a flashlight attachment mechanism (spinning) and a clip with which the flashlight can be attached to a belt or a backpack strap or a baseball cap visor:

Under the platform is the flashlight itself, with a loop for access to the battery compartment:

Inside the flashlight, by the way, there were two AAA alkaline batteries:

The battery cover has a protective ring (oring) and two spare such orings are included (showed above):

On the other end of the flashlight are two power buttons.

How exactly they work can be seen in the instructions:

Button W responsible for the operation of the main LED. In the off state, a single press turns on the flashlight in the last switched on mode. If you hold down the button, the Low mode (the weakest mode) is turned on. If you hold down the W button when the flashlight is on, then the switching of modes begins, from weak to powerful, in a circle. Double press turns on the SOS mode.

Button R3 is responsible for turning on the red and blue LEDs. A single press turns on / off the red / blue LED (when turned off, the mode is remembered). Holding it on toggles the mode between blue/red/SOS (SOS mode only works on the red LED).

Well, how it shines.

The beam shape of the flashlight is diffused, which is very good and convenient in a headlamp:

Here are the three modes:

For normal use, the amount of light is more than enough. The shade is pleasant, closer to cold, but without blue.

And this is what the red and blue glow modes look like:

Blue and red modes are needed in order not to highlight the environment too much, but at the same time not to lose night vision. Or in order not to attract attention in the dark with light (thieves’ mode). But I use only the main LED, to be honest, I have not yet understood the charms of red and blue.


Wuben H3 is a pretty good flashlight, with nice bright light, compact size and low price. I personally liked the flashlight. It is quite versatile, and can be used as a forehead or as a flashlight on the strap of a backpack. Now there is a discount on this lantern, and with a coupon BGb2bba8 its price will be only $14.59 (I bought another one for my daughter).

Buy Wuben H3 headlamp

Given the brightness and size, and price, I can safely recommend this flashlight for purchase.


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