Hi all. Today is a brief review of a novelty from Mijia — a Xiaomi BEEbest flashlight with a zoom, a built-in 2600 mAh battery and built-in Type-c charging (the charge indication is also present). Price at the time of writing $32 with coupon SAVING. The overall impression of the flashlight is positive, for $ 30 we get a steel flashlight, with a tempered glass lens and a double-sided AR (anti-reflective) coating, a built-in 2600 mAh battery, zoom, built-in type-c charging, the kit includes a mount for a Gopro adapter (you can put it on a big one, etc.). At the end of the lantern there is a powerful magnet. Of the minuses: I didn’t like the pure white light (I’m already used to neutral white like in Fenix, but the price is different there), the zoom is made a little from the bullshit, after all, Fenix ​​is ​​the leader in flashlights. Here, don’t set the zoom, anyway, this flashlight loses in light. But first things first.

You can find the current price here: Xiaomi BEEbest

Comes in a Xiaomi style black box. The lantern is intended for the Chinese market, so all the inscriptions are in Chinese only.

Specifications of the flashlight on the reverse side.


The product’s name: Xiaomi FZ101 BEEBEST
Brand: Xiaomi
Model: FZ101 BEEBEST
Diode: XP-L HI
Consumption: 10 W
Light temperature: 5500 K
Max power 1000 lumens
Beam distance: 365 m
Modes: High, Medium, Low, Strobe, SOS
Lumen: 1000LM
Duration: 1 h, 3 h, 10 h
Battery configuration: 1x Built-in 2600mAh battery
Working Voltage: 5V/1A
Mode switch: end button
Switch position: Flashlight Tail
Material: Aluminium alloy
Impact resistance: 1.5 m
Waterproof: IPX-6
Carrying strap: Silicone strap
Color: Black
Weight: 150g without battery
Dimensions: 120mm x 25mm
Peculiarities: magnetic tail
Type-C USB charging

Packed for 10 points, any Xiaomi product, no matter how much it costs, is always a pleasure to give.

Contents of delivery. Flashlight (battery inside), light diffuser (camp light), silicone strap, adapter for Gopro mount, instructions.

Light diffuser and adapter on the lantern. The diffuser is useful for lighting a large area with subdued light (in a tent, garage, etc.). The adapter allows you to put the flashlight on the bike and in general anywhere through the Gopro mount.

This is how the lamp is mounted on the bike. It will go well as a bike light, as it has a zoom.

The lantern is made of steel. Of the characteristics, the IPX6 standard is striking, that is, the lantern is not intended for abundant dousing with water. In the rain you can use, wash under the tap — not recommended. A very strange decision, the whole thing is clearly in charging, which is covered with a plastic cover. Could have done like in Fenix ​​- a silicone plug. But no..

The indicator is hidden under the cover of the type-c connector. The flashlight itself is able to lower the brightness when discharging and heating.

The power button is tight, located at the end. It has a good stroke, returns with a spring. Honestly, not very pleasant, but much more durable than silicone, as in Fenix ​​flashlights.

Modes Medium -> Max -> Min -> Strobe -> SOS

I did not understand how to disassemble it, I am attaching a photo of the manufacturer. From the diagram you can see a magnet under the button, a tight spring with a good move. The magnet is very strong, holds well even at an angle of 90 degrees, but in a stationary state.

The flashlight has a zoom. It can be set from 7.7 to 40 degrees. Personally, it didn’t work very well. Fenix ​​with a fixed zoom is much better in terms of range / side light ratio.

Diode Cree XP-L HI. Gives out 1000LM, range 365 meters. The lens is tempered glass with double-sided AR coating (anti reflectoring).

The point of AR theory is that 4% of light is lost on each surface. In the presence of such a coating, the reflection is less than 1%. That is >98% yield, not 92% for the uncoated lens.

The lantern is quite convenient and compact, a little thicker than ordinary lanterns and a little heavier due to the thick walls of the body.

Now let’s compare the light of Fenix ​​PD35 (version 2) with Xiaomi BeeBest. Phoenix starts.

14LM — Eco mode. Malevich’s black square? but no.

50LM. The eye already sees quite normally, something close is still barely noticeable on the camera.

180LM. You can already see pretty far ahead.

480LM. Too much light already. It can be seen far and forward and the side illumination is not lame.

960LM (maximum).

The turn of Xiaomi BeeBest has come. There is no verified brightness in every mode.


Medium mode.

Maximum mode.

Maximum mode with minimum beam angle.


As you can see, the ratio of illumination range / side illumination clearly loses to Xiaomi BeeBest, but this flashlight costs $ 30 with a battery, charger, and a bunch of accessories. There is also a charge indicator. And Fenix ​​costs about $90 without battery and charger.

For this price, the flashlight has no cons, it can be put on a bicycle and attached to any metal surface, charged from a power bank, etc. Of the shortcomings, white cold light, the focus is far from optimal.

Thanks to all!

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